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Ring - Local Pawnshop in Westminster, CA

Local Pawn Shops in Huntington Beach, CA

Enjoy an easy and stress free pawn transaction when you stop by Westminster Jewelry & Loan, your favorite local pawnshop in Orange County. To learn more about our extensive selection of goods for sale, contact us today to speak with one of our knowledgeable pawnbrokers.

Jewelry and Accessories
Our pawnshop features a huge selection of jewelry and accessories at some of the best prices you've ever seen. Choose from more than 500 different rings, all of which are affordably priced to accommodate any budget.
• Colored Stones
• Diamond Earrings
• Gold Tennis Bracelets
• Cluster Diamond Rings
• Rolex™ & Seiko™ Watches
• Wedding & Engagement Rings
• Rubies, Emeralds, & Sapphires
Local Pawnshops in Huntington Beach, CA

Receive Quick Cash for Your Old Gold
We are always on the lookout for old gold. Generally, most gold items are valued based on the karat and weight of the piece. We determine the karat of the gold by locating a stamp that says 10k, 14k, 18k, or 22k. If there's no stamp on the item, we perform an acid/scratch test to help us determine the karat. The karat tells us what percentage of the piece is pure gold. We then weigh the gold and calculate the uniqueness of the item then how much it is worth at today's current market price. Sounds easy? It is.

Musical Instruments for Sale:
• Flutes
• Violins
• Vintage Guitars
• Accessories
• Amp Systems
• Speakers
• Ukuleles
• Clarinets
• Petals
• Cymbals
• Saxes
• Mandolins
• Electric Guitars
• Acoustic Guitars
• Keyboards
• PA Systems
• Drums
• Trumpets
Music Instrument Brand Names:
• Vox™
• Martin™
• Selmaer
• Takamine
• Fender®
• Gibson
• Ibanez
• Gretsch
• Marshall™
• Rickenbacker™
• Epiphone
• Guild


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